Amazing Spider-Man #1 Review

Amazing_Spider-Man_1_CoverWriters: Dan Slott, Christos Gage, Joe Caramagna, Peter David, & Chris Yost

Artist: Humberto Ramos, Javier Rodriguez, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Chris Eliopoulos, Will Sliney, David Baldeon, Ramon Perez

Inker/Colorist:  Victor Olazaba/Edgar Delgado


Peter is back! Now that he has proven to his enemy and himself that he is the Superior Spider-Man, it is time for him to be Amazing again. Coming back to the world is not as simple as he thought, He must get accustom to what Doc Ock has left him with: A doctrine, his own company, and even a girlfriend! So what could possibly be wrong? Except everything! Also in this issue is some of the wrongs of Doc Ock coming back to bite the Spider-Man in the butt. Can Spidey keep his clothes on long enough to resolve those wrongs? Not a chance!

The Ups: Slott has crafted a great set up for the return of Peter. Peter now step into what Doc Ock has left behind. This is where the Parker charm plays perfectly. He has a new status quo that he is not sure he can handle. Doc Ock was superior in the scientific field but now Peter is handling Ock’s legacy which he does not understand how most of it work. His reaction to the changes are fun such as how he reacts to being a Doctor now. Slott makes it a strong point to ensure you that Peter is back. There is a ton of Spidey quips that can bring a smile to your face. This issue serves as a jump on point for those who did not come along for the Superior Spider-Man run; you’ll be miss. You’ll see a reintroduction to supporting cast such as Mary Jane, Aunt May, and Johnny Storm. As well as new ones like Anna Maria which I am glad Slott kept around since she has develop to be an interesting character. Slott also lays the seeds for multiple stories that involves a vengeful cat, an electrifying enemy, and a silky new character. New ventures are ahead and the old Parker’s charm may be in play. Ramos comes back as the series only artist again and does it strong. He brings his best art this issue establishing his presence. His design for the opening villains are fun and a great use of his stylistic art. The one page splash of Spidey is such a great way for Ramos to put his mark in the return of Peter. It is an amazing page. Delgado’s colors are a visual feast. Pages are bright and it just comes off the pages. His colors are spectacular this issue. There are other stories by multiple artistic teams. Dan Sloot, Christos Gage, and Javier Rodriguez shows us the next stage of Electro in their story which will come into play in Amazing Spider-Man #2. Slott and Gage do a dark and intense story with art by Camuncoli that will be a plot line to keep your eye on. David and Sliney introduce Spider-man 2099 to Washington Height which gets me even more excited for this series. Yost and Baldeon revisit Kaine and his current team. Caramagna and Eliopoulos gives us a Tiny Titan style spidey recap that will give you a few chuckles. Finally, Slott and Perez brings us the story of Spider-Man’s beginning as never told before. Perez’s art does a great job keeping a silver age feel.

The Downs: There is a lot to take in this issue. Lots of stories development that can be easily lost. The Black Cat story was a bit too dark for my taste. I understand where the character is coming from but it feels a little out of place from her usual care free character. The issue was refreshingly fun but it doesn’t make the huge impact that Superior Spider-Man #1 does.

Overall: Slott ensure us he has not lost a step in the year time he has not written Peter. He establishes the Amazing Spider-Man feel while placing him in a new status quo. Ramos’s and Delgado’s exaggerated arts and colors are on top and fitting to the return of the amazing series. A great set up for old and new readers that will bring the character to a new direction. This issue is packed with 96 pages of fantastic stories that is the perfect start to another historical run.

Grade 4 of 5 

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