Hulk #2 Review

Hulk #2 coverWriter: Mark Waid

Artist: Mark Bagley

Colorist: Jason Keith


Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Maria Hill continues to put as much resources as possible towards the investigation of discovering who shot Bruce Banner at point blank. After a failed surgery attempt, Banner is now left with brain damage and no memory of who he or anyone else is. He has been reduce to a complete simpleton. The people who kidnapped him in the first issue aren’t done with him….

The Ups: I don’t know how Mark Waid does it but while reading this issue of Hulk, mind you it is only the second issue, I truly felt sadden towards Bruce. Even though he is happy now, I can’t help but be a little down because he is no longer the character he once was or represented. It takes a lot of work and something  special, that I can’t really pinpoint, for a writer to truly connect with the readers and make them feel something real in only twenty pages. The story in this issue is a very simple one that is easy to follow thus allowing the emotions to shine through better. The mystery group that originally kidnapped Bruce haven’t given up their search and now use what they have gathered to send the Abomination after Banner. Waid uses Bruce as an embodiment of innocence in this issue. While the trouble with S.H.I.E.L.D. and the other group spirals out of control, Banner doesn’t understand it even though it has EVERYTHING to do with him, and he becomes somewhat of a victim. Mark Bagley and Jason Keith’s collaboration of art and colors brings more life to the characters and does a better job in revealing their emotions in a way that is truly unique. When Bruce is ticked off, the sheer frustration and anger that is shown in his face truly reflects Bagley and Keith’s prowess as it almost seems like the Hulk is coming out of his face.

The Downs: Nothing at all. This issue was just too great!

Overall: Waid, Bagley, and Keith are already surprising me with things they have accomplished in just two issues. I must say that my excitement for this new series knows no bounds and I am ready to see what is in store for our new Bruce Banner who, even though he may look and sound the same, is a completely different character .

Grade 5 of 5

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