Aquaman and the Others #1 Review

Aquaman and the Others #1 CoverWriter: Dan Jurgens

Artist: Lan Medina

Colorist: Matt Milla

“Legacy of Gold Part I of V”

Aquaman and Others once fought to collect the powerful Atlantean artifacts and keep them safe. Since then they’ve gone their separate ways, but now Aquaman and the Others must reunite after each of their Atlantean artifacts cease to function conveniently as each of them are attacked by mysterious assailants.

Ups: Dan Jurgerns does a great job of balancing the team in this issue. Every member of the Others gets a brief but effective introduction that tells you who that character is and why you should like them. Not only is each member represented but they each interact differently, even though they’re a team they don’t necessarily get along. The realistic team dynamic and unique character designs separate Aquaman and the Others from the other DC team books out there. Lan Medina’s art in this issue is solid and carries the action well.

Downs: This issue lacked the shock value that I crave and expect from a first issue in a series. There is still a good amount of action in the issue, but nothing we haven’t seen before and nothing that really shakes things up.

Overall: As a whole this was a solid first issue to the series. This series is based primarily on original characters (and the one known character who few people take seriously) it’s important to showcase why we should care about them and this issue does a good job of telling you what each character is about and why they’re interesting. The issue does fall a little flat in terms of wow-factor, which I feel this series needs if anyone is going to stick with it since it’s based on such obscure characters. That can be fixed easily later on though since it’s much easier to add style than substance, and this series seems like it has enough substance to tell some good stories. As a fan of Aquaman I’m really excited to see this series play out, and I hope more people will give this series a chance.

Grade: 3 of 5

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