Batgirl #26 Review

Batgirl #26 (2014) - Page 1

Writer: Gail Simone

Artist: Daniel Sampere

Inker/Colorist: Jonathan Glapion/Blond


“Oh, for God’s sake. Quit thinking of everyone else for once. This isn’t going to hold them long.”

Barbara is caught between a rock and a hard place when Knightfall is after the man who is after her, Commissoner Gordon her own father. Can Batgirl shallow her pride and save her father in time before Knightfall kills him?!

The Ups: If I had to sum up this entire issue it would be in one word, “wow.” Simone has written Batgirl for years but I think this has been her best writing for the character yet. All the event of this story arc have driven Barbara to her breaking point, the death of her brother James by her hand, her father pursuing her and shooting her boyfriend and now all her enemies are teaming up to take out her father. This issue is driven by so many different emotions I found myself stuck just waiting to see what happened next. All the characters and action scenes (and it was completely full of action) was wonderfully detailed by Sampere. I could feel every punch, kick and explosion as Batgirl unleashed her rage onto her enemies but what I enjoyed the most was during this scenes Batgirl came off looking a lot like Batman, with the shadows just showing her silhouette and her glowing eyes. Glapion and Blond made the issue with the masterful color work, the dark tones and the perfect lightning made this issue bleed the dark and gripping emotion Simone was bringing out in the story making this the complete package.

Batgirl #26 (2014) - Page 3

The Downs: All good here!

Overall: Gail Simone is a wonderful internet troll (follow her on twitter she’s hilarious) and an even better writer. Sampere, Glapion and Blond do some of the best artwork for this series since the relaunch and I couldn’t have been more pleased. It took a while to get to the end but man was it worth it, this is definitely my pick for best issue of the week.

Grade 5 of 5

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