Brand New Creative Team For Batgirl This October!

DC Comics is also planning to give Batgirl a few changes come this October with an entire overhaul on the creative team behind her. First off, artist Cameron Stewart (Batman Inc.) will be co-writing the series with Brandon Fletcher. The actual pencil work will be taken over by artist Babs Tarr who is going to be working with Stewart to come up with a new costume for Batgirl after some unfortunate events caused her to lose many of her belongings.

All this starting in “Batgirl” #35 and will kick-off with Barbara moving to a new neighborhood in Gotham known as Burnside where she will try to reconnect with some manner of a social life while also fighting crime as usual. Fletcher says he will be looking to many different television shows for some inspiration into what should be done with the new Batgirl.

Batgirl’s new suit is said to be a reflection of “fun and adventure and mystery” by Stewart and will of course feature new types of stories for Batgirl to endure.

Source: Newsrama

5 thoughts on “Brand New Creative Team For Batgirl This October!

    • I actually really enjoy the look and aesthetics of it. I’ve always been a fan of suits and costumes that look like they can actually be made by an ordinary person. Conveys a greater sense of realism for me.

      • I can seen your point. But in my opinion, the art is a little juvenile. I also think the writers are sacrificing a huge part of Barbara Gordon’s character by turning her into teeny bopper.

      • This for me actually helps breathe new life into the character. Since she was put back into the suit in the New 52 reboot she has been in limbo in terms of place and story. I think this will attract a new audience and bring the old ones back. I don’t think the art will effect the story and make it childish or corny but the art style will definitely set it apart a lot like the recent Ms. Marvel series.

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