Advance Review: Quantum And Woody #12

Q&W #12 coverQuantum And Woody #12

Writer: James Asmus

Artist: Wilfredo Torres, Erica Henderson, Joseph Cooper

Colorist: Allen Passalaqua

Eric, Woody, and their super-powered pet goat have been taken into custody by the Edison’s Radical Acquisitions (E.R.A.) and are offered the chance to be reunited with their father and have their unbreakable bond lifted, on one condition…Willingly submitting to experiments to decipher the secret of their powers!

The Ups: James Asmus has written a masterful script in this issue of Quantum And Woody. Asmus has the unique ability to create dialogue and a story that is mainly geared towards comedy but still deliver a consistent and intriguing story amidst all the hilarity and quirkiness of the comic. I found myself chuckling more than a few times at the back and forth banter between Quantum And Woody and even some of the non-essential characters said and did things that made me smile. More so than the dialogue making me laugh, Wilfredo Torres, Erica Henderson, and Joseph Cooper all working together on the artwork gave the characters true dimension and realistic feel especially when it came to their facial expressions. Working in almost complete harmony with Asmus and the various artist comedic style, comes the color work of Allen Passalaqua who brings a vibrant and almost cheerful demeanor the characters’ color scheme that further emphasizes the comedic material and playful style of the comic that reminds me of the same feeling we’ve all had when waking up early for saturday morning cartoons. Lastly, though the comic plays on being funny it still has its moments when Asmus invokes some real emotions from the characters that pull significantly hard on the heartstrings of us readers that truly shows that things aren’t always fun and games for the characters.

The Downs: I could not find anything wrong with this issue that would sway anyone from giving it a read!

Overall: This issue brings the story of Eric, Woody, and their goat to a small conclusion but also promises to open the door for our beloved characters in the near future. The perfect mixture of comedy and seriousness is what drove this book home for me and is what will continue to be the driving force for future stories to come. This is not the last time we will be seeing Quantum and Woody and I’m confident that when they do show up again they will bring the best stories with them.

Grade 5 of 5

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