Inhuman #1 Review

Inhuman #1 - Page 1Writer: Charles Soule

Artist: Joe Madureira

Colorist: Marte Gracia


“Know that this means something.”

Black Bolt’s death lead to the spread of the Terrigen Mist causing an outbreak of Inhumans all over the world. With Medusa trying to regain control and learn about the new Inhumans of the world, one Inhuman named Lash has other plans for his fellow Inhumans.

The Ups: After a couple of creative team changes, we finally get our hands on Inhuman. Soule takes a different approach jumping into this new series focusing on the villain named Lash, a powerful and intimidating looking Inhuman with a grudge against Black Bolt and Medusa. He plans on killing every new born Inhuman during the outbreak. Medusa has a smaller role and is still on her quest to find Black Bolt who she believes is alive and is now burdened with the threat of Lash. I enjoyed this approach because during this time the world is still in chaos and not having the the heroes in control is a lot more believable, I’ve always enjoyed seeing the villain in charge and taking control of the situation so they can shine and we can see what they are all about. Madureira and Gracia pull out the big guns with some killer artwork in this issue but what I enjoyed the most in the design for Lash. He looks a lot like Oni from Super Street Fighter IV with Super Sayian 3 hair, and would most definitely beat Oni in a fight. The fight scene towards end was highlighted by the always fantastic color work of Gracia. The way he blends and shades his colors will make any action scene just pop off the page and get you excited to keep reading and pull you deeper into the story.

Inhuman #1 - Page 8The Downs: The strangest thing about the issue was the fact that the new hero named Dante was not focused on at all during the issue. We simply learn his name and that his grandmother is sick before he is thrown into the chaos with the Inhuman outbreak. As I was glad the villain Lash had the focus, I was left not caring about Dante at all because we know nothing of who he is or what he’s about just that now he’s got powers and is going to be a hero. I personally don’t like characters that be the hero simply just because but I have faith Soule has something interesting in store but I have nothing to expect going into the next issue.

Overall: Killer artwork and villain-centric story caught my attention to see where this new series will go. The lack of insight on the main character Dante bugged me but didn’t take away from giving this issue a strong start and if you read any of Soule’s other stories you’ll know it definitely has potential.

Grade 4 of 5

2 thoughts on “Inhuman #1 Review

    • Personally I’m a huge fan of whatever Charles Soule writes and he always knows how to put good spins on stories. But Inhuman looks like it has a lot of potential and I’m down to get into new heroes and villains

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