Deadly Class #3 Review

Deadly Class #3 - Page 1Writers: Rick Remender

Artists/Cover: Wes Craig

Colorist: Lee Loughridge


Marcus has his very first homework assignment from King’s Dominion School of the Deadly Arts. A team exercise has paired him up with fellow assassin classmate Willie. Their task: kill someone! How hard can that be right? You have no idea! Plus: More on the interesting developments from the ending of issue 2.

The Ups: This book continues to get personal and yet keep it’s mystery. This issue focuses on Marcus and Willie, one of his supporting cast. Willie was one of the kids who helped recruit Marcus in issue 1 and we get to know more about his character’s origin. One of the funny moments Remender writes was when Willie tells Marcus the accident that spawn the killer in him. He tells him a horrifying origin which he quickly reveals not to be truth. It totally reminded me of my childhood moments, I mean who hasn’t told an epic story of themselves when they were kids to make themselves look cool or bad ass. I definitely did and that was a nice representation of school kids. We learn a little more of Marcus’s past that gives the readers an idea as to why everyone thinks he has potential. Let just say that Marcus has some real issues and it is scary. Remender writes a roller coaster of a dialogue that ranges from fun to dark. There is a strong opening monologue about the way Marcus perceive things that makes you think about your views on society. “There are Monsters Out There” no truer words have been spoken on the view of people who do horrible things with no regrets. This issue was filled with fun typical boy stuff: Measuring testosterone, sharing stories, and doing homework which you’ll have to read to find out. Craig turns in another great issue. He continues to set up the tone of the book with heavy inking that keeps the 80’s looking dark. A time where the color black was the fashion statement. Craig delivers a wide range of facial expressions from angry to crazy excitement that shows his masterful handle on emotions. Loughridge’s colors is one of the best part of this issue. He makes bright colors seem dark and takes bold color choices that works. There was a scene with a homeless man and the colors of his San Francisco Giants drew my focus point to him. That is a good sign of an awesome colorist when he can pull your attention towards the little things.

Deadly Class #3 - Page 5

The Downs: The ending seemed abrupt. I was not sure the issue ended until I turn the page and saw the extra art content(which is pretty cool)  for the issue. I did not feel like the issue was ending or had ended.

Overall: Remender and Craig created a story that no one should sleep on. The 80’s have not looked better until this series. Remender continues to deliver pieces of Marcus life to us and keep the mystery going while creating a fun and dark adventure. Willie is an interesting character that will continue to develop as the series goes on. Loughridge’s colors are captivating and keeps painting the 80’s for those who missed it. Don’t miss the 80’s again and pick up this book!

Grade 4 of 5

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