Nightwing #29 Review

Nightwing #29 CoverWriter: Kyle Higgins

Artist: Russel Dauterman

Colorist: Pete Pantazis


After Jen runs off to confront Zsasz, Nightwing tries to track her down before she gets herself killed.

Ups: This issue spends a lot of time focusing on Dick’s past in a new and interesting way. After Jen’s parents are killed Dick spends the majority of the issue contemplating the murder of his own parents, and while having an angsty crime fighter reminisce about their parent’s murder isn’t new territory, Higgins takes a deeper and more realistic look at how Dick copes with his tragic past. Knowing that all of this can be pretty heavy, Higgins does throw in some action to keep the issue from being too inward and cerebral.   

Nightwing #29 Interior

Downs: While Zsasz is the main villain of this issue and he drives the plot, he isn’t too fleshed out and is just sort of there to cause trouble. Any random serial killer probably could have taken his place and the story wouldn’t change so his character is somewhat wasted in this issue.

Overall: This issue gave us an interesting look at the murder of Dick’s parents and how he deals with it. While there is a plot with action the majority of the issue is inner monologue and flashbacks, everything exists in this issue to help Nightwing tell his story and later connect that story to what Jen is going through. This issue may not have had an exciting cliffhanger or a shocking reveal of some kind but it was a solid character study that fans of Nightwing and this series will enjoy.

Grade: 4 of 5

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