Flash #26 Review

The Flash #26 - Page 1

Writer: Christos N. Gage

Artist: Neil Googe

Colorist: Wil Quintana


“Sure. I’ll call ’em. But–I mean, no offense–what’s a guy who can run really fast gonna do in the air? The best I can.”

Known as the fastest man alive, Barry Allen can do a lot of things his fellow powered League members can not. But when the situation would call for someone with powers he doesn’t have can Flash step up to the plate and save the day without help?

The Ups: Known for his recent work on the Superior Spider-Man series, Gage picks up where Manapul and Buccellato left off and keeps up the pace. While a self contained story, Gage show Barry struggle to play the every role in order to catch a villain who is a sky pirate constantly in the air. There’s just a great vibe as I read the issue where you root for Flash to be able to save the day and in a very stylish way when the others in the story doubted him. What I enjoyed the most was this cool scene where Flash is running on some clouds and Gage actually explains how that can be scientifically possible with shows the effort he puts to bring you deeper in the story. While I always felt Manapul’s style was perfect for the Flash series and that no one could bring that same original and upbeat feel, Googe proved me wrong and I am so glad that he did. His style comes off very slick and cartoony but pushes the upbeat vibe Flash is usually known for, the detail is on point and he does a great job with each change in scenery as Flash is all over the place in this issue (then again, when is he not.) Quintana compliments Googe’s work with outstanding bright colors to bring this issue full circle.

The Flash #26 - Page 4

The Downs: All good here.

Overall: What a strong showing for the new duo taking on Flash and I couldn’t have been more pleased. While it is a stand alone story and did not have any leads as to where they might go with the character, this issue clearly shows Barry is in some good hands.

Grade 5 of 5

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