Saga #15 Review

Saga      Digital   Zone-Empire #15 (2013) - Page 1

Chapter 15

“I was just trying to save your life.”

W: Brian K. Vaughan A: Fiona Staples C: Fonograkis

With Marko, Alana, Hazel, and Kiara all taking refugee in the home of the writer D. Oswald Heist, the world around them is trying to track them down. With The Will uncertain about whether or not he wants to keep pursuing Marko’s group after almost losing his partner in the dog fight, Gwendolyn is trying to get him back into the fight to have her revenge on Marko. But now that The Will found out where Prince Robot IV is will he change his mind and get revenge for the woman he loved?

The Ups: Saga for me has always been an escape from the normal super hero comic and with every issue only being better than the last Saga is one series everyone should read. Vaughan knows how to write such an interesting cast of characters and make them extremely relate-able, since aside from the aliens and all the space ships they go through the same issues you and I would go through. I enjoy the fact that the story is being narrated by Hazel, the way Vaughan writes her dialogue, it feels like he’s giving you insight on events to come later on in the series. This issue definitely was at a slower pace than the last few but a lot is being set up and I’m enjoying the build up. Right now the most interesting character to me is The Will, he’s not the typical bounty hunter and it’s interesting to see his inner struggle on what direction he wants to take his life in after years of killing and losing the love of his life. But at the same time you can tell that he’s holding back in terms of his fighting skills, it will be interesting to see him and Marko fight one day. I am definitely a fan of Staples artwork, there is a very unique twist of cartoon and anime like style in her characters and backgrounds which for me is very refreshing. Fonograkis always does great jobs on coloring, no matter what is going on each page comes pops with retro and funky colors take just help bring everything to life. Each character main or not is very distant and imaginative, I’m always excited to see when they go to new planets to see what crazy creations are going to pop up next.

Saga      Digital   Zone-Empire #15 (2013) - Page 3

The Downs: No problems here.

Overall: If you are looking for an escape from your everyday caped heroes and villain stories Saga is the book to pick up. Each issue is completely fresh and original though the story right now might be a little slower than usual its building up for something pretty explosive in the future. If your not reading this you are missing out.

Grade 4 of 5

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