Loki: Agent Of Asgard #1 Review

Loki Agent of Asgard #1 - Page 1Writer: Al Ewing

Artist: Lee Garbett

Colorist: Noland Woodard


“Trust me. I know what I’m doing.”

Loki, once the evil brother of Thor and the master of illusions. Now wanting to leave a better mark on the world, he has been reborn and given a chance to redeem all his past sins. Working for the All-Mother, Loki is now an agent of Asgard doing jobs only few will know he is doing, but of course not without doing things the way Loki knows best and that’s through chaos and trickery.

The Ups: With the wild popularity the character Loki has had with the recent string of Marvel films he has been a part of, it was no doubt we would get a series that closely resembled Todd Hiddleston’s portrayal of the character and done incredibly well in the process. The story comes off as sort of a redemption story as Loki now wants to right the wrongs of his former life and is working with the All-Mother as her secret agent of sorts for Asgard. Ewing does a really awesome job writing this in a way where you know Loki is a good guy of sorts now but is still doing things in his own dastardly ways which makes for good story and some good humor throughout the issue. This way is keeps very similar to what made the comic book faithfuls love the character but bring newcomers for the movie world something to enjoy us well. The artwork from Garbett and Woodard definitely shines with Loki fresh new look having a close resemblance to the actor Todd Hiddleston but still keeping close to his original look, all while even giving the females a little bit of fan service in the first few pages. While not much action was involved in this issue and it definitely was not needed, the comedy scenes are drawn perfectly to where it looks serious but will for sure give you some laughs. All the scenery is sharp and the colors bright make this issue a visual treat for the eyes.

Loki Agent of Asgard #1 - Page 5The Downs: All is good here…trust me.

Overall: This was a fantastic start to a series that is smart, clever and funny all at the right moments. Fan or not of Loki, or of Todd Hiddleston this is an amazing read for anyone wanting something a little different from Marvel and Ewing, Garbett and Woodard deliver just that.

Grade 5 of 5


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