New Avengers #13 Review

New Avengers  INH #13 - Page 1

Writer: Jonathan Hickman

Artist: Simone Bianchi

Colorist: Adriano Dell’Alpi


In another time and in another universe, the Illuminati comes together to stop a disaster that could spread across the dimensions.

The Ups: Sadly there not a single good thing I can say about this issue.

New Avengers  INH #13 - Page 6

The Downs: I am normally a big fan of Hickman but I can truly say I had no idea what kind of story he was trying to tell in this issue. The most I easily understand is that the story is set in a different universe where all the original Illuminati members are still alive and adding some new ones like Magneto. Richards is trying to stop a second world for colliding with Earth and needs a “mirror” or “bridge” to stop it and only he can build it. This all leads some unknown enemies that invade Earth who had some strange dialogue all without really clarifying who they were or what they wanted. What confused me the most is how all over the place the plot was, one second everyone is having a conversation, next there was fighting, some people died and the next page everyone is ok and having another conversation. I normally enjoy Hickman and the way he tells his stories and I can usually understand a complex plot but this was way over my head and I still don’t understand what anything that I read had to do with the ‘Inhumanity’ arc. Sadly the art did not help this issue what so ever, Bianchi had a lot of blocky and square drawn characters and a lot of the time Ironman’s helmet looked more like a plastic mask and Dell’Alpi’s colors were just simple and didn’t stand out too much. I’m sure both Bianchi and Dell’Alpi are capable of much more but you can tell that halfway through the issue the art just looked really rushed.

Overall: This issue felt like a throw away for me which I would of never expected from Hickman. I know his style is to leave all the juicy stuff for the end but even this way too out there. The rushed art didn’t help much either and hopefully the next issue will clear up all the confusion.

Grade 1 of 5

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