Justice League Dark #26 Review

Justice League Dark #26 - Page 1

Writer: J.M. DeMatteis

Artist: Mikel Janin

Inkers/Colorist: Vicente Cifuentes/Guillermo Ortego/Jordi Tarragona/Jeromy Cox


After a dangerous fight with Blight, Constantine and the rest of the heroes were slain in battle. But it seemed like Nightmare Nurse had a plan up her sleeve in order to get everyone out alive…but how can you do that if you’re already dead?!

The Ups: DeMatteis has made the ‘Blight’ storyline in the action packed and deadly adventure you wanted from the main ‘Forever Evil’ story and is doing it in such spectacular fashion. Even this far along in the ‘Justice League Dark’ series, we have not seen the actual power and effect magic has on the DC Universe nor how much power Constantine really welds, but that has all come to light now and I’m loving every second of it. Even between two writers and spanning across 4 different series the story has stayed consistently intense even though it is being told from three different stand points, Constantine’s, Phantom Stranger’s and Pandora’s but it has not wavered a single bit. You can tell DeMatteis has had a lot of freedom to use the characters and their powers to his will and with the constant twist and turns have kept this story arc exciting since day one. The art team also deserves a lot of praise for this issue with the crazy amount of detail put into all the lavish scenery and the colors and lining that made each character pop out of each page. But my hero in this issue is Janin for drawing Swamp Thing into a massive whale that everyone was riding on (yes a giant whale.)

Justice League Dark #26 - Page 3

The Downs: All good here.

Overall: Once again DeMatteis and Janin have brought us a gripping story in the world of DC magic. While I’ve enjoyed a lot of the ‘Forever Evil’ tie in’s, ‘Blight’ feels like its own stand alone event and has been far more entertaining to me than the main story itself. This event may span over a few different issues, but it’s a story worth your time and money and is my pick of the week.

Grade 5 of 5

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