Arrow S2E21 Review


After Moria decided to take a stand and do whatever she could to become mayor and bring together her broken family, Slade made sure that did not happen by making Oliver choice between Moria or Thea. Moria, once again coming to the aid of her children sacrificed herself in order for Thea and Oliver to live. How will Oliver and Thea deal with this lost and who is that last person that Slade said needed to die before his rampage ends?!

Arrow S2E19 Review

“The Man Under The Hood”

Between Team Arrow taking an offensive against Slade and trying to mend his broken family and company Oliver certainly has his work cut out for him. If all of that wasn’t enough, in classic super-hero fashion Oliver picks up more problems along the way and nearly all of them are woven into a complex web of lies and intrigue.