Arrow S2E19 Review

“The Man Under The Hood”

Between Team Arrow taking an offensive against Slade and trying to mend his broken family and company Oliver certainly has his work cut out for him. If all of that wasn’t enough, in classic super-hero fashion Oliver picks up more problems along the way and nearly all of them are woven into a complex web of lies and intrigue.

Arrow S2E18 Review


Slade puts the next phase of his plan into action in this groundbreaking episode of Arrow as Oliver and his companions are pushed to their mental and emotional limits as everything from Queen Consolidated throughout the rest of Starling City writhe in pain as the newly christened “Deathstroke” is revealed…

Arrow S2E13 Review


Another agent of the League of Assassins, sent by Ras Al Ghul himself, comes to Starling City in order to track down Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) who has returned to the city to check up on her family. Oliver continues to help his mother with her campaign run despite the awful news he has recently become privy to.