Guardians of the Galaxy #18 Original Sin Tie-In Review

For years, we wondered what really happened during the showdown between Nova, Star-Lord and Thanos. The loss of Rich Rider during this ordeal raised many questions that Star-Lord refused to answer. Until now, Gamora has allowed Star-Lord to keep his silence. However, Gamora’s lost her patience and she’s determined to pull the truth out of Star-Lord—whether he likes it or not!

Guardians Of The Galaxy Movie Review

Peter Quill was abducted as a young child by a group called “the scavengers” and was raised to be an outlaw. Unfortunately for Quill, his outlaw days are starting to catch up to him as a bounty is put on his head after stealing an important sphere—bringing the attention of Gamora, Rocket and his pal Groot. This unlikely bunch also drew the attention of maniac Drax the Destroyer, putting them together as an unlikely team to put a stop to Ronan the Accuser’s path of destruction as they become the Guardians of the Galaxy!