Green Lantern #28 / Red Lanterns #28 Review


A not so round Zilius Zox and a very red Supergirl

Hal and the rest of the Green Lanterns have regroup to counter the disaster the Durlans have created. A bigger problem comes knocking at their door. She is angry, Kryptonian, and seeing Red! Meet the Red Lantern’s new recruit: Supergirl! On the flip side, Guy continues to court Ice while Zilius Zox and Skallox are having a problem reasoning with the Shadow Thief! Plus Rankor and Bleez have found Ratchet’s ring but a greater evil is awaiting them.

Red Lanterns #26 Review


“There more than one way to skin a cat. Nnnot funny. ”

Guy’s plan to rid his new sector of anyone who would cause chaos has seemed to completely backfire on his and the rest of the Red’s. Now completely surrounded and fighting for their lives, will Guy get his Corps out alive or will their be some causalities along the way?!

Red Lanterns #25 Review


“Stop whininggg! Find rage! Be Atrocitusss, not baby!!”

Once the battle with Relic was won, Gardner left with his Red Lanterns to cash in on the deal Hal made with him in exchange for their help. With Atrocitus still in space with Dexstarr searching for a new ring to get his power back, what will this mean for Guy if he does find one?!

Red Lanterns #24 Review

Lights Out: Part 4 Blood Brothers “Don’t worry, Guy. We’re here for you.” W: Charles Soule A: Alessandro Vitti C: Gabe Eltaeb Bleez has discovered that Guy Gardner is working as a spy for the Green Lanterns. With the entire Green Lantern Corps on their way to see him, can Guy protect his cover from…