This is the epic conclusion to one of the best summer events! The Armor Hunters will take the war to Unity. The battle rages on without the X-O Manowar! Can Aric find his will to join the battle again and end the threat against Earth? or Will the Armor Hunters destroy what’s left of it ?! Hold on to your hats because the answers all lie here!

Advance Review: Unity #8


This takes place after the devastating event of Armor Hunters #1. A US city is gone after the military refused to surrender Aric’s X-O armor to the Armor Hunters. It became clear to MI-6 that they will need to act fast and set a plan in motion to counter the Armor Hunters. Livewire was sent out in search of a potential recruit that could be Unity’s best weapon of defense. Ninjak and Gilad the Eternal Warrior are on a mission of their own to investigate the military armor bunker that was taken out by the Armor Hunters. What will they find upon arrival? Which of the two teams will complete their mission? or die trying?! All this plus a new challengers enters the war…..BLOODSHOT!