Cyclops #1 Review

Scott Summers a.k.a. Cyclops, is a mutant and former member of the X-Men with the ability to shoot concussive beams from his eyes. After discovering what he is to become in the future, what kind of man he will one day be, Scott runs away from the team and his love Jean Grey to find a new path and ends up traveling with his father Corsair, the famous space pirate captain and his crew: the Starjammers!

All-New X-Men #26 Review

The young X-Men’s journey to space changed the dynamic of the team forever. Scott found his thought to be dead father and decides to go to space with him. Jean ended up saving everyone else with her new found power. Now as the team tries to recover from the loss of Cyclops, can they come together and find their purpose being in the present time or will they keep falling apart in a timeline they do not belong in.

All-New X-men #21 Review


X-23 Seeks Revenge Or Is It Redemption?

The All-New X-men have been captured by the Purifiers and their leader; William Stryker’s son. X-23 came looking for revenge but may not make it through to see it! Will the young X-men survive this encounter and help X-23 achieve her vengeance? or will they perish into the light?!

All-New X-Men #20 Review


Cyclops & A Female Wolverine in an Awkward Teenage Moment is All You Need!

X-23 has been rescued by the All-New X-men. She has been through a lot with Avengers Arena and being tortured by the Purifiers. She has woken to be surrounded by familiar face but would she trust them? The answer is SNKIT!