Action Comics #32 Preview

“SUPERMAN: DOOMED” continues with “ENEMY OF THE STATE” as Superman struggles against the Doomsday virus – but is he losing the fight? How much longer can he stay in control? And how far will he be pushed when he’s faced with a world against him and a shocking betrayal at the end of this issue?

Action Comics #27 Review


Lana and Superman continue to try to make sense of what they discovered during the excavation, all the while pushing deeper into the earth’s crust.

Action Comics #26 Review


It is known that monsters can come in all shapes and sizes, even if it’s the Man of Steel. But when monsters are attacking humans, it may not be for the reason you think. Now it is up to Superman to figure out who is the bigger threat the monster or the humans attacking it?!

Action Comics #25 Review


A Boy Learns The Meaning Of The Word Hero

The premiere issue for the new creative team of Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder! In this Zero Year tie-in we witness the birth of the Man of Steel as we see him learn what it means to be a super man