Review: Superman: American Alien #3


Credit: Joëlle Jones and Rico Renzi

Writer: Max Landis

Artist: Joëlle Jones

Colorist: Rico Renzi


After some recent relationship issue with Lana, Clark leaves Smallville and crash lands in the middle of nowhere. Thank goodness that the middle of nowhere is the awesome party of year. Welcome to Bruce Wayne’s Birthday Party!

Max Landis brings us an amusing tale of what a 21 year old Clark Kent would do if he had landed in the middle of a party. The result is that Clark is more human than you would think. When he is mistaken for Bruce Wayne at Bruce’s birthday party, he does what most us would have done: Party! It is fun and entertaining watching Clark pass as Bruce and do your typical college party antic such as bar tending tricks and Dj-ing among other things. It was relaxing to see Clark just let go of being the uptight kid. Landis does an amazing job capturing the mood and dialogue of college students and it made me feel like I was back in that time. One party girl in particular took the spotlight from our hero. Her name was Barbara Ann Minerva as you may know her by her current identity of Cheetah. Landis shows us a more relatable and ambitious character. By the end, you will want to travel with her just to see her life unfold. Landis uses her as a guide to Clark’s future as she shows him that there is more to the world than Smallville and it is quite the revelation. I would never have thought that I would want to know more about Cheetah but well play Mr. Landis. There are other fun and interesting guests and surprises at this party and even a rather awkward yet funny moment between Clark and one of Batman’s rouge.

The story was elevated to another level by Joëlle Jones’ and Rico Renzi’s art. Jones displays emotions fantastically. Whether it is sad, joy, or being drunk it is all in the faces and it really draws you in. The character designs are a great fit to the party environment and the era. Her inks is a well balance combination of heavy yet subtle lines the gives the art more weight the pays off visually. The colors used for the background by Renzi was a blend of fuchsia and orange of the Miami Vice variety that will make you reminiscence about the 80’s while being carried through this enchanting tale of youth and exploration.

Landis prove that a hero is not made up of superhuman feats alone but as well as a life time of unheroric experiences that can one day craft a young man into someone super. Jones and Renzi make Clark’s adventure a colorful and thrilling memory that you’ll want to relive time and time again. Don’t miss out!

Comic Grade: 5 of 5 (Mint)


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