We are back! Sorta…

First of all I want to say thank you to all of those who have followed us and stuck with us for news and reviews. We also want to say sorry for just disappearing without a trace. This WordPress was ambitious and tried to become something big. I had a fully stocked crew whom I want to say thanks for all the work: Michael, Lynnette, Josh, Marcos and Kelcy. Without them I could not accomplished what we did in the short time. They have all moved on to better things and I wished them luck.

What does this mean for the site. Well it means that it is a one man show right now. I won’t be able to deliver at the same capacity as before. Which mean news will be slower and I won’t get to everything. Comic reviews will be done a whole lot less due to budgeting but I will try to deliver when I can. The site will become more about news and my thoughts on topics. I will try to bring more interview from creators but I am hoping to find a quicker way to do so (I have like 10 audio interviews from comic con that I am afraid to touch. Yikes!) I am open to hear any advice or tips that you experienced WordPressers can provide to make posting faster and easier as well as how to handle audio interviews.

I want to thank you all again because without you guys I would not have been able to try hard to get this site noticed by the industry and it has. Thanks again and bear with me on this transitional phase. Now back to comics!

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