unnamedWriter: Robert Venditti

Artist/Inker: Diego Bernard/Alisson Rodrigues

Colorist: Romulo Fajardo


The Armor Hunters are defeated. Aric badly injured from the war has no time to rest. Colonel Capshaw enlist the help of X-O Manowar to return to Utah to care of Malgam. Malgam may be saved from the armor virus with the help of scientists unfortunately they are dead?! Some one lies within the ranks that have other plans for him! His only chance is the man he sought to destroy: X-O Manowar!

The Ups: Robert Venditti shifts the focus of the issue on Malgam. He has suffered a lot during this event and it is nice to see that he was not forgotten. This is a feel good issue that tops the Armor Hunter finale in the emotion department. Malgam is what Aric could become if he let’s the armor spread in his body. He will lose hope and be consume by fear. Venditti displays the fear through his dialogue that you can feel like you are hearing him tremble. Venditti has shown that he has a good grasp on the emotional state. Aric shows a lot of compassion towards Malgam which shows what he has learned from the Armor Hunter war. The main objective of the issue was to cure Malgam but a conflict broke loose that reveal that there is someone out there who wants Malgam to themselves. A development that will surely come back in the future. This issue also shows a different side to Colonel Capshaw. She really gives off an Amanda Waller vibe but who is better at hiding her intentions. I am definitely looking forward to more on this character as the series goes on. The issue starts out grim but there is a pleasant ending that can bring a smile to your face.

Diego Bernard has highly detailed panels but does it with crisp clean lines. The panel layouts was easy flowing which hints that this issue is not about the action but more about the story getting to it’s point. Romulo Fajardo‘s colors makes the art stand clearer and complements the Bernard’s lines.

The DownsThe issue finishes strong!

Overall: It is no wonder that Robert Venditti is handling books like Green Lantern and X-O Manowar. The man knows his emotions and how to displayed them on pages. Solid dialogue with great artwork by Bernard and Fajardo combines for a pleasant finish in the Armor Hunter saga. A nice change of pace from the chaos is needed every now and then.

Grade 5 of 5

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