unnamed (27)Writer: Robert Venditti

Artist: Doug Braithwaite

Colorist: Laura Martin


This is the epic conclusion to one of the best summer events! The Armor Hunters will take the war to Unity. The battle rages on without the X-O Manowar! Can Aric find his will to join the battle again and end the threat against Earth? or Will the Armor Hunters destroy what’s left of it ?! Hold on to your hats because the answers all lie here!

The Ups: Robert Venditti crafts a powerful ending to this event. What stood out to me the most was the dialogue. Aric and Primary Reebo have a talk about how the world change when they were both lost. It was a deep and impactful conversation that made me feel for both characters. It seems in the end both Aric and Primary Reebo seek for a place to belong and that is a feeling that can hit home to a lot of readers. I enjoy the little humor moment in comics and Ninjak delivered. The scene in which he loses his ship was quite funny. This moment was small but it helps alleviate the seriousness of the issue. Aric’s wife Deidre is inspiring in this issue with a speech about what it means to be a Visigoth. It has increased my interest in the character and I hope to see her shine more. This event was a blast! and the ending sets up a new status quo for X-O Manowar that’ll you have to read for yourself.

Doug Braithwaite does an awesome job with the facial expressions of the issue. The intensity of the emotions on Aric’s face were a perfect match. The panel layout were quite cinematic and action scenes were explosive. One thing I learn about Braithwaite is that he can draw the heck out of a devastated city. The destructive background was a focus because there is a lot of detail in it which is great to see that everything got the proper attention. Laura Martin on colors is always a win for me. I am use to her brighter colors but she perfectly matches the darker tone of this series without sacrificing too much colors.

The Downs: More butt kicking fighting scenes but nothing really stood wrong.

Overall: This issue was nothing short from epic. As Armor Hunters comes to a close, Venditti shows us the different sides of war. In the end both sides lose something but can also gain something valuable. Braithwaite and Martin finish off the series strong with action and expressive pages that will make you drool. Valiant definitely delivers a summer blockbuster and shows us the event books are capable being great.

Grade 5 of 5

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