Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-man #5 Review

300px-Miles_Morales_Ultimate_Spider-Man_Vol_1_5Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-man #5

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: David Marquez

Colorist: Justin Ponsor

After defeating the Green Goblin, Miles and the supposed “Peter Parker”, who has seemingly returned from the dead, are surrounded by the police and held at gun point. No one has any clue as to how the Green Goblin or the original Spider-man have come back but, everything in Miles’ life is slowly turning inside out as everything he thought he knew comes crashing down on top of him…

The Ups: My favorite thing about this issue and about this entire series so far is the sheer amount of mystery that surrounds the entire plot line. Miles’ father is missing, his girlfriend ran away from him, Norman Osborn and Peter Parker have returned, two costumed criminals similar to Spider-man are running rampant, and no one has any clue why. It is so great I can barely contain myself! Speaking on this issue specifically, I deeply enjoyed Brian Michael Bendis’ use of captivating and unique dialogue choices, especially when it came to Peter Parker. Anyone who was a avid reader of the original “Ultimate Spider-man” series will probably detect a few things that seem off about Peter’s dialogue in a way that he seems some what more condescending and less playful when it comes to altercations. That is something that has always been Peter’s trademark and I believe Bendis is brilliantly stripping that away in the words he makes him say in order to convey the notion that this Peter is not the Peter we all knew and if he is, he has since changed drastically. The color and pencil work by Justin Ponsor and David Marquez respectively is just as cleverly executed as Bendis’ writing in the way that emotions are shown properly through the characters and they have reactions and expressions that resemble photographs of real people.

The Downs: There is absolutely nothing wrong with this issue except for the fact that it had to end.

Overall: So far I am truly enjoying the amount of mystery that is present in the series but, more specifically, the mysteries behind Norman Osborn and Peter Parker are most intriguing to me. The amount of questions that are raised in my mind with each issue is one of the main components that keeps me on the edge of my seat and eagerly awaiting the next issue. Of course the amazing work by Bendis, Marquez, and Ponsor is another huge contributor to my readership. This creative team is truly doing something new with this series and I am definitely in this one for long haul.

Grade 5 of 5

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