Moon Knight #7 Review

IMG_3674.JPGWriter: Brian Wood

Artist: Greg Smallwood

Colorist: Jordie Bellaire


Mr. Knight is back on the street with a new creative team writer Brian Wood and artist Greg Smallwood. The city is in a black out with heavy rain but that won’t stop Mr. Knight from dishing out justice. A controversial leader is in town for an United Nations address but there is someone who want him dead. An assassin is deployed to take care of this leader but Mr. Knight has something to say about that! Stay until the end because the reveal will leave you shocked!

The Ups: Let’s get this part out of the way: Wondering if you should be reading due to the changes? YES you should. Brian Wood picks up where Warren Ellis left off in term of the writing style. It feels like the familiar one off issue until the end which will feels like this issue is part of a larger story. The story and dialogue does not skip a beat which helps the cause of the new creative team. What makes the story interesting to me is that the antagonist may not be on the side of evil. This kind of character dynamic is what help feeds the moral complexity of Moon Knight. I wait to see how Wood apply his own style to the series.

This is Greg Smallwood debut as Moon Knight series artist and he delivers in his own way. What really stands out about his art work is the panel layout and technique. He definitely show us his best with a 15 panels page that have small interconnected event that make up a larger image. It is an amazing page that shows his dedication and reassure fans on the art quality they expect. He also uses onomatopoeia with story images within them which is a technique modernly associated with Francis Manapul and Andrea Sorrentino. It is a great addition to the series that works well with the craziness of a Moon Knight book. Jordie Bellaire is an integral part to the change in art being welcoming. Her colors makes the pages feel like the rest of the series and the shift in art less noticeable.

The Downs: I feel that Wood did not provided enough to make this story feel like his own. It is like he is writing as Warren Ellis a bit much. I would have like to have seen differences in the writing that would shows Wood’s style. The story itself was a little confusing. I was not sure what was going on a couple of times but it is a known feature of the one off stories. Smallwood’s choice of pixelated art did not translate well. It did not feel right.

Overall: Overall, the new creative team is a welcoming change. The issue was action packed and filled with usual Moon Knight antics. Wood definitely has the voice down for the character but I am looking forward to see what new things he can bring to the series. Smallwood and Bellaire on art both bring a new and familiar feel to the book that is worth keeping the series on the pull list. Unfortunately I struggled a bit with the story as little was given but I am hoping the next issue has more answers.

Grade 4 of 5

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