Quotes of the Week #7

Welcome to Quotes of the Week #7!




Writer: Alan Davis

Artist: Alan Davis

Inker: Mark Farmer

Colorist: Matt HollingsworthSavage Hulk #3 - Page 28

“My brain is being…supercharged.”

“By the device? How? It’s powered by the gamma energy that is already in your cells.”

“The Hulk’s strength has always increased when it is challenged…So as I resist the Hulk’s attempts to be free, he increases his efforts…Which in turn generates more power to support my resistance. So in a wildly escalating spiral, the STRONGER the Hulk struggles…The more POWERFUL my mind becomes. I can’t imagine what the limit is–maybe it’s better I don’t find out.” – Bruce Banner explaining to Professor Xavier what he is going through in his mindscape

I believe this quote is quite possibly the best attempt at describing what Banner goes through when he is trying to keep the Hulk at bay inside his own mind. The struggle between Banner’s consciousness and Hulk’s consciousness are in a constant state of push and pull as they sap energy from one another to try and keep the other away. Banner describes to Xavier the idea of what seems to be, in its simplest form, a mental stalemate. The power that Banner has gained from the device that was meant to help him has made him scared of his own abilities more than he was before.



Writer: Ben Acker and Ben Blacker

Artist: Jorge Fornes

Colorist: Israel Silva

Thunderbolts #30 - Page 4

“When we fought side by side…She was like a hurricane. No, that’s not right. A hurricane is chaos. She was in control of every moment. No motion wasted. It was a dance. The deaths she caused were elegant. Far better than those she killed deserved. She was beautiful. I felt something I can’t remember the last time I felt. Outclassed.” – The Punisher’s thoughts about Elektra

The Punisher is not one to give people praise…Ever. And when he does it never sounds like praise, but instead some sort of critical or analytical remark about something they said or their fighting prowess that leaves them feeling slightly insulted. That being said, his thoughts about Elektra are somewhat strange to read as they are not something he often says about another person. Ever since the Punisher’s family was killed he has never felt capable of loving another person. He is astonished by Elektra because she “outclasses” him, but I believe it is something much more than that. I see it as this is Castle’s way of expressing his affections the only way he knows how: by paying close attention to the way Elektra fights because for him, now, that is what is life is all about and he and Elektra have that in common.



Writer: Greg Rucka

Artist: Carmen Carnero

Inker: Terry Pallot

Colorist: Chris Sotomayor

Cyclops #4 - Page 11

“He wasn’t ALWAYS like that. But from everything you’ve said…I think the OLDER you traded HOPE for RAGE. And TRUST me on this one, son. Hope can NOURISH you…But RAGE will eat you ALIVE.” – Chris trying to keep Scott from losing hope

In his adulthood, Cyclops was seen as a beacon of hope or a ray of leadership for his friends and comrades to rally behind when things got tough. However, now we get to spend time with Cyclops in his teenage years after he learns of what kind of man he is to become. A man that is fueled by anger and unbridled rage at his core. Teenage Scott is scared of that reality and does not want that for himself, but he is still finding it increasingly difficult to let it go. His father Corsair hasn’t always been in his life but now that he is, he and Scott are creating a true father-son bond that may help lead Scott down a path towards light. He assures Scott that all he needs to do is hang on to hope because it is a much more powerful and fulfilling force than rage. I believe this quote resonates beyond the pages of this book and can be related to all of our own lives. Hope is a defining point in humankind that is capable of bringing us through the darkest of times.


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