Charles Soule Makes His Marvel With Exclusive Deal


During an interview on USATODAY and later elaborated on Charles Soule’s WordPress, Charles Soule signed an exclusive deal with Marvel. Soule who handles about 8 monthly titles involving several companies including DC Comics, Image Comics, and Oni press has decided to put more focus on a smaller number of titles. Of course this is the right move for any writer professionally because a contract provides job security.

He noted why shifting from 8 titles to less will help him accomplish something new:

Writing eight titles a month (which I’ve been doing for quite a while now) is no joke. It’s a constant tightrope walk, requiring serious focus and discipline. I’ve proven to myself that I can do it, but now that I have, it’s time for a different challenge – I want to know what I can accomplish with a smaller slate, where I can really dive in. I’ve accomplished breadth, now I want to see about depth.”

Now the main question on most of Soule’s fan mind is what will happen to titles like Swamp Thing, Red Lantern, Letter 44 and his other series.  Soule answers this question by stating:

You’ll still see DC work coming out from me for a little while yet over the coming months, and both Marvel and DC were extremely gracious about working with me to make sure that I could complete my runs on DC titles the way I originally intended. So, you’ll see my work on Red Lanterns as part of the big Godhead event, you’ll see me ending my run on Superman / Wonder Woman the way I wanted to, and Swamp Thing will continue under my pen for a little while as well (in fact, a new Swampy issue hits tomorrow!)

Oh, and Letter 44 isn’t going anywhere. I’m on that one until it’s done, which won’t be for a while yet.”

Superman / Wonder Woman #12 is slated to be Charles Soule last issue in October with a new creative team of Peter Tomasi (Batman & Robin) and Doug Mahnke (Justice League) debuting on issue #13. The fate of his other series are yet to be announced so keep your eyes peel for more news on that here. Catch the rest of his announcement on Charles Soule’s WordPressWe wish Charles Soule more continue success at Marvel and make sure to pick up Death of Wolverine #1 tomorrow!.

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