Quotes of the Week #6

Welcome to Quotes of the Week #6!


300px-All-New_Ultimates_Vol_1_6ALL-NEW ULTIMATES #6

Writer: Michel Fiffe

Artist: Amilcar Pinna

Colorist: Nolan Woodard

“These cowards…all attending church, destroying the spirit of decency…When they should be PRAYING…Praying that their lord has mercy on them…Mercy that I won’t grant tonight. But praying–it’s WORTHLESS to me.” – Scourge

Scourge is a character that has so far been shrouded in mystery within the “All-New Ultimates” series and after his arrest at the end of this issue, it is unclear how prominent he will be moving forward. The above quote struck me as something that the Punisher would possibly be caught saying but the only difference is Fiffe writes Scourge’s dialogue in a way that almost sounds like he is acting by a divine purpose or perhaps a demonic purpose as he doesn’t seem to have any clear motive. Although, he states that praying is worthless to him and therefore it probably holds no value to him. It’s not clear to me what his motives are other than punishing those who do wrong, permanently, and with a name like “Scourge”, it is likely he will be a long-term instrument of justice.

300px-All-New_Ghost_Rider_Vol_1_6ALL-NEW GHOST RIDER #6

Writer: Felipe Smith

Artist: Damion Scott

Inker: Robert Campanella

Colorist: Val Staples & Felipe Sobreiro

“Oh, he’s DEFINITELY okay. As a matter of fact, your brother’s progress recently has been nothing short of AMAZING. The extra time you’ve spent getting involved in activities he enjoys, is evidenced by Gabriel’s increased mental and physical stimulation. He’s shown great improvement in motor skills and communication. Especially communication. Gabriel’s been talking up a storm! It’s like a LIGHT’S been turned on inside him. Whatever you’ve been doing, Roberto…Please don’t stop. It’s definitely working.” – Dr. Dacosta speaking to Robbie about his brother Gabriel

This quote was very intriguing to me because I believe there are two meanings behind it: one that is obvious and one the is not so obvious. Robbie has been using his newfound powers to win street races and make money in order to give his brother Gabe a better and happy life. As the above quote dictates, Robbie is doing an amazing job at creating a steady and stable life for Gabe and as Dr. Dacosta says to not stop because it’s “definitely working”. That is the obvious notion behind the quote but I think Felipe Smith has an underlying message for us to pick up which may be that Robbie should not stop using his powers to combat the evil in the world around him. At the end of the issue we see that Robbie is ignoring Eli’s pleas to start making use of their powers and Dr. Zabo is shown to not be done with his schemes.


Writer: James Asmus & Fred Van Lente

Artist: Kano

Colorist: Kano

“This map represents a JOURNEY. The UNDESERVING MAN would want to jump straight to the TREASURE ITSELF. But that MAGIC BAG a’ yours PROVES you ain’t the type to be CORRUPTED by the treasure!”

“I dunno…I DO have my vices!”

“Nope! As your KING, Armstrong–I’ll accept no IFS, ANDS, OR–HA!–BUTS!” – The Hobo King telling Armstrong he must search for the treasure. 

“The Delinquents” is a very funny book and this is only the first issue in the series so I’m sure my sides will be hurting for quite a while longer. This quote, however, shows a different side of the book to me that is geared away from comedy and more towards the sense of a journey. I believe the Hobo King entrusted Armstrong with searching for the treasure because he knows he will not be in it for the treasure but instead for the journey itself. An “undeserving man” would be someone captivated by the idea of a reward and allow that to corrupt and take hold of them but Armstrong has lived for a very long time and is beyond such petty desires.

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