Secret Origins #5 Preview

SECO_Cv5_dsThe latest explosive origins from DC Comics – The New 52 include Cyborg by Marv Wolfman and André Coelho; Red Hood by Scott Lobdell and Paulo Siqueira; and Mera by Jeff Parker and the art team of Alvaro Martinez and Raul Fernandez.

Written by: Jeff Parker/Scott Lobdell/Marv Wolfman

Art by: Edgar Salazar/Raul Fernandez/Alvaro Martinez/Paulo Siqueria/Andre Coelho

Cover by: Lee Bermejo

Price: $4.99

On Sale 8/27/14

SECO_5_-13 SECO_5_-14 SECO_5_-15 SECO_5_-25S SECO_5_-26 SECO_5_-27 SECO_5_1 SECO_5_2 SECO_5_13Credit: DC Comics, Newsarama, 13th Dimension

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