Quotes of the Week #5

Welcome to Quotes of the Week #5!


300px-Nightcrawler_Vol_4_5NIGHTCRAWLER #5

Writer: Chris Claremont

Artist: Todd Nauck

Colorist: Rachelle Rosenberg

“…And if, occasionally, a fly ball went a tad too high and the fielder chasing after it got to blow a kiss to AIR FORCE ONE–well, the PRESIDENT didn’t seem to mind the lipstick on his window. That was the kind of world we lived in. We were a team. We were a FAMILY.” – Kurt Wagner a.k.a. Nightcrawler

Reading this truly grants a very special glimpse into the unique heart and mind of Nightcrawler. The most important values to Kurt are his friends because he has always felt alone due to the way he looks until he came to the Xavier School when he was younger. The friends he made were the only family he ever had and now, as an adult, he realizes that things will not and can not always be the way he likes them to be. However, just like how those memories are forever, his family will always be with him in some way and they teach him to strive forward and make the most of his second life like they used to in the past.

DIG025990_3HULK #5

Writer: Gerry Duggan

Artist: Mark Bagley

Colorist: Jason Keith

“Nobody has seen you in a few weeks. Where have you been, Hulk?”

“Do not call me that, Leucenstern. I never want to hear that name again. It was given to me by my captor. You may call me Doc Green. And to answer your question, Leucenstern…I have been away thinking.” – Doc Green a.k.a Hulk responding to Melinda Leucenstern

This quote left me in awe after I read it. Now, we all know there have been many instances where Bruce may not be able to turn into the Hulk or vice versa and Banner also has the capacity to turn into different versions or personalities of the Hulk depending on the situation. Despite that, this sort of personality is one I have never seen the Hulk become. He is just as smart as Banner, if not smarter, and seems to be able to keep Bruce locked away and force his identity forward. In some ways, I can understand why the Hulk may want this seeing as how he’s been locked away inside for so long and thought of as animal. Now, it’s his turn to be in control and Banner’s time in the cage but, we all know, two wrongs don’t make a right…

SM20992014002-DC11-LR-5e953SPIDER-MAN 2099 #2

Writer: Peter David

Artist: Will Sliney

Colorist: Antonio Fabela

“I’m starting to take this personally. It seems that everywhere I go, problems start. Like here…I go to the bank. That’s it. Just a trip to the shockin’ bank. Just wanted to deposit some money, is all. Millions of people do things like this every day without incident. But not me. No, I wander in and thirty seconds later there’s a damned robbery in progress. There’s always SOMETHING. I guess I should learn to roll with it, But still…It can be such a pain in the butt sometimes.” – Miguel O’Hara a.k.a Spider-man of the year 2099

For me, this quote is an example of amazing writing on Peter David’s part. I’m sure it is a joy for him to be working again on the character that he co-created and I would just like to applaud him for his work. David is able to capture a Peter Parker-esque essence in Miguel’s dialogue, which is represented in the quote above, but at the same time, David places in key things subtly that are akin to O’Hara only. The tremendous fusion of originality and classic sources are what make Miguel O’Hara a very enjoyable and refreshing read.

4024174-08FANTASTIC FOUR #8

Writer: James Robinson

Artist: Leonard Kirk

Colorist: Jesus Aburtov

“I can’t, you know I can’t. But I CAN do this…For as long as the law prevents them from being with you. Their mother…I swear on my EXISTENCE that I will do everything I can to keep them safe and happy. I PROMISE you, Sue. I’ll protect them with my life.” – Jim Hammond a.k.a. the original Human Torch

I believe this quote is meant to strongly foreshadow things to come in future issues of “Fantastic Four”. If you’ve been reading since the beginning you would know that everything for the Four has been going downhill: Johnny lost his powers, Reed’s inventions were confiscated, Sue’s children were taken from her, and Ben is accused and convicted of murder. Although, James Robinson writes a very heartwarming scene between Jim Hammond and Sue where he assures her that he will take care of her children. Jim comes flying into the scene and Sue, at first, thinks he is Johnny which may be alluding to the fact that Johnny powers may return to him. More significant than that, however, is the fact that Hammond comes in on fire and fire can be equated to light and he may well be a foreshadow Robinson is using to possibly say that things may start looking up for the Fantastic Four and this man may be a key component.



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