Sex Criminals #7 Review

Sex Criminals #7 - Page 1Writer: Matt Fraction

Artist: Chip Zdarsky

Colorist: Becka Kinzie


After Jon realized his mental issues are causing problems between him and Suzie, as well as ruining his health. Jon has decided that he is not going to let his paranoia caused by the Sex Police get to him any longer and decided to take the fight to them. Little does Jon know, he’s about to find a secret that will change the situation drastically.

The Ups: For the longest time I have wanted to write a review on this comic and I’m glad I finally can. You might know Matt Fraction for his amazing work in Hawkeye, but Sex Criminals is everything he is not allowed to write for Marvel and boy is it amazing. What I enjoy the most about this series and this issue in general is how realistic the characters and dialogue is, well, aside from all the magically Cumworld powers. Fraction’s realistic view of people and their exploring of sexual and often strange desires has always made this series fun to relate to for anyone in the same age range as Suzie and Jon. The characters of Jon and Suzie are constantly being developed with changes to their relationship with each other as the events unfold and their awkward past that brought them to who they became today as adults. Orgasm time stopping powers aside, it’s interesting to see how the recent events with Jon and Suzie’s encounter with the Sex Police have changed the dynamic between the couple from the honeymoon stage from the first arc to reality of what is actually out there is setting in. Fraction brought in a unexpected breath of fresh air to the story and brought me right back into what hooked me on this series in the first place. Chip Zdarsky and Becka Kinzie’s artwork is always fresh and vibrant, full of rich colors and great detail. For a “realistic” type comic, the art style is very unique and Zdarsky definitely puts a lot of detail into the most unsuspecting moments. And let’s just say, this issue how the most amazing fight scene I have ever seen in a comic and raised the amount of respect I have gained for this artist.

The Downs: Another issue of perfection for this series.

The Overall: Sex Criminal may be a lot more on the mature side for comics, but it’s a series every grown adult should be reading. What Fraction writes for this book is some of the most original content I’ve ever read for any story ever. Zdarsky and Becka compliment this wild story with some of the most beautiful artwork out there right now. So do yourself a favor, if you’re up to date pick this issue up. If not go out now and buy this entire series and you’ll thank me later.

Grade 5 of 5

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