Godzilla: Cataclysm #1 Review

godzilla-cataclysm-coverGodzilla: Cataclysm #1

Writer: Cullen Bunn

Artist: Dave Wachter

Colorist: Dave Wachter

It has been twenty years since the world ended at the hands of monsters and every single one have them has vanished since then. The human race is all but extinct forced to live in the post-apocalyptic ruins of their most famous cities. Scavenging and hunting are the only means of survival but, there is much more to worry about in the barren wasteland that is Earth than starvation…

The Ups: Cullen Bunn, writer of Magneto, has taken the helm as the lead writer of the Godzilla: Cataclysm series and this first issue proves that he has a strong grasp on the story and what he wants to bring out of the series. I have never experienced Cullen Bunn’s writing before this and I must say that I am already in love with his style. My favorite part in this book is the narration across the first few pages. There is no dialogue or text of any kind other than the narration and it gives off a feeling the resembles a movie trailer or prologue to one. The entire tone of the dialogue, once there was some, came off almost like all the characters were speaking with a mouthful of ash; If I could hear what they were saying their words would come off gritty and dry in a way that would make it seem like they were almost speaking in whispers. Aside from Bunn’s writing creating a dark atmosphere, Dave Wachter does his part by using his artistic talents to convey a solemn look on the faces of the characters as well as lowering the saturation in all the color he uses to create a darker and grayer look that truly reflects a post-apocalyptic world. Lastly, being that I have been a fan of Godzilla since I was a kid I know a lot of the monsters by name but the people in this comic do not so when they show up I say to myself, “Oh, that’s…” and it gives off a bit of nostalgia and allows me to be a kid again for just a second.

The Downs: This issue is a great example of how to start off a new series and there was absolutely nothing wrong with it in my eyes.

Overall: This issue is great read for anyone whether they are a fan of Godzilla like myself or if they are just recently getting into the lore of the world for the first time. Cullen Bunn’s writing is truly something to behold and I am a little angry with myself that I didn’t try to read something by him before this. Also, Dave Wachter definitely brought the whole issue home with his picture perfect portrayal of a barren wasteland ravaged by giant monsters. Going in I did not know what to expect from this issue but it is surely going to be added to my reading list from now on and I can’t wait for issue two!

Grade 5 of 5

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