Greg Capullo Tweets New Batman Endgame Image


Greg Capullo, current artist for the “Batman” book tweeted an interesting piece of artwork. The image features Batman using a gun alongside Bluebird, and an unknown costumed character on a motorcycle.

Greg Capullo released this image on twitter saying: “Don’t tell anybody that I showed you this. Shhh.” Scott Snyder, writer of “Batman” retweeted the image with the caption: “Greggg!!!! #endgame”. We can only assume that this image comes from a future issue of “Batman” during the Endgame arc and reflects the changes that Gotham is supposed to experience over the course of “Batman Eternal”.

The image shows Batman (or someone dressed as Batman) wearing what looks like an improvised Batsuit firing a gun. Batman’s left hand is gone and the stump is covered. His right arm is bandaged up and firing some sort of gun. The rest of his costume looks fairly low-tech and it consists of a chest plate with a bat on it, a bulky utility belt, and lots and lots of pouches on his legs.

To the right of Batman is Bluebird (A.K.A. Harper Row) firing a gun as well (although Harper has no issue with guns and has used non-lethal firearms before). Harper is reaching for a larger gun mounted on her back, with the number of weapons Bluebird is carrying Batman might have borrowed his gun from her. Bluebird is wearing a costume that has wings (potentially used for gliding like Nightwing and Red Robin’s wings) and appears to have some degree of armor plating, by this point in time Harper probably has access to Bruce Wayne’s resources and has made a high-tech Bluebird suit.

To the left of Batman is a mysterious costumed fighter. He uses a stick similar to the eskrima sticks Nightwing uses. His costume doesn’t look like anyone else’s in Gotham so he appears to be a new character, or an old character in a new costume. He is riding a bike that lost it’s front wheel and the side of the bike has “LARK” written on the side (the L could be a C, or a stylized U in conjunction with the A, it’s not clear in pencil), this could just be a logo on the bike or a clue about this new character.


Credit: NewsaramaDC Comics

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