DC Comics Announces New Series: “Gotham by Midnight”!

Horror aficionado and writer of such comics as Batman Eternal and Constantine Ray Fawkes, working in tandem with 30 Days of Night artist Ben Templesmith present Gotham by Midnight coming this November. This new series will feature an X-Files-esque team of specialist brought together within the GCPD to take on the supernatural problems that plague Gotham that the Dark Knight might not be able to handle. The “Midnight Shift”, as they are called, are made up of Detective Jim Corrigan as the leader, his partner Lisa Drake, forensic investigator Dr. Szandor Tarr, and religious consultant Sister Justine with Batman popping in and out as a source of information for the team.

In an interview writer Ray Fawkes he stated that “there is a big bad thing, and it may be connected to something you recognize, but you won’t recognize it in this form” meaning that hardcore fans may make some sort of connection but it will still be obscure to us all which is going to be very intrigue. Also, being that Jim Corrigan is the host for The Spectre at the moment, we may be seeing some instances where the Spectre may step in and take over for something Jim and his team are handling if it is not being done appropriately.

Gotham by Midnight will be hitting the shelves on November 26th!

Source: Blastr

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