Leaked Daredevil Set Photos

Photos taken on the set of the new Daredevil Netflix series show Charlie Cox in his civilian clothes as Matt Murdock.

In the photos we can see Matt Murdock in his classic grey suit that he wears during his day job as a defense attorney. Cox’s hair has a reddish hue to it that echoes Matt Murdock’s red hair from the comics. Cox can also be seen wearing Matt Murdock’s signature dark red shades. To the side of his right there appears to be a scar of some sort, which may have come from his accident with the radioactive waste. Cox is shown holding Matt Murdock’s segmented walking stick in several photos. This stick looks fairly unassuming but Daredevil has been known to hide weapons, cables, and other gadgets in his walking stick.

These photos were taken and released by “JustJared”, and as of right now these are the only set photos to be released. We’ll be able to learn more about the show when more set photos come up or when Marvel starts releasing their own promotional images.

charlie-cox-in-daredevil-netflix-series-first-photos-01 charlie-cox-in-daredevil-netflix-series-first-photos-02 charlie-cox-in-daredevil-netflix-series-first-photos-03 charlie-cox-in-daredevil-netflix-series-first-photos-04 charlie-cox-in-daredevil-netflix-series-first-photos-05

Credit: Newsarama, JustJared   

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