GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Knocks It Out of the Park With Best Thursday Opening of 2014!

From the moment the idea was conceived, to the production phase and the first trailer, and finally hitting theaters, Guardians of the Galaxy was considered to be a huge risk Marvel was taking that could possibly devastate their cinema reputation. However, as any true fan of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” comics would know, that is simply impossible. By 7pm last night for North America shows, Guardians of the Galaxy raked in $11.2m making it the best Thursday opening of 2014. The movie surpassed Amazing Spider-man 2, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and previous leader Captain America: The Winter Soldier. With these numbers as great as they are there is no doubt in anyone’s mind, not even the people at Marvel, that Guardians will take the lead spot for best North American August opening weekend ever, currently held by The Bourne Ultimatum released in 2007 standing at $69.2m.

Although Guardians of the Galaxy introduces a whole new cast of characters in a brand new franchise that many are unfamiliar with it has received phenomenally positive reception and is sure to continue that streak throughout the next few days and weeks and possibly create some new fans of the comic books as well.

Look for updates at the box offices throughout the rest of the weekend to see how far up Guardians of the Galaxy will fly!

Source: Newsrama

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