All-New Ghost Rider #5 Review

3993998-05All-New Ghost Rider #6

Writer: Felipe Smith

Artist: Tradd Moore

Colorist: Val Staples


Robbie Reyes and the spirit of his car that resides with him Eli, finally come face to face with the urban militia that are responsible for his death and their leader Dr. Zabo with his hulking alter ego, Mr Hyde! More is at stake for Robbie in this encounter as he battles the menace terrorizing his neighborhood and the conflicts within him…

The Ups: This issue is the final part in the first story arc of this series and Felipe Smith’s writing could not have been any better as he brought it all full circle. Smith’s style of writing is very intriguing and exciting but with a hint of simplicity that allows for an engaging story that is easy to follow from start to finish. Right from the beginning Smith was able to keep my full attention on the book with scenes that are dynamic and heart racing with dialogue that feels real and true to the characters as well as the environment. My favorite part about this issue was all of Eli’s dialogue. He is meant to be strong and powerful yet cryptic and mystical spirit whose only purpose seems to be driving Robbie towards violence and Smith translates that perfectly. When reading Eli’s dialogue Smith is able to convey an accurate sense of menace about him that makes me distrust him even though the character doesn’t have a face or tangible presence besides that of the car. Speaking of the car and other colorful elements of the book, Tradd Moore and Val Staples do an amazing job of working their art and colors, respectively, in conjunction to weave together panels that have true depth to them. In driving or fight scenes, Moore’s pencil work in tandem with Staples’ colors creates a truly wondrous feeling of speed, power, and impact. As Robbie drives down the streets, I feel the same sense of speed I get from watching a movie or playing a video and when someone is hit, I often cringe at the impact or say out loud to myself “ouch” as if I am really feeling it.

The Downs: There was nothing wrong with this issue! The only downside is that we all have to wait a few too many weeks for the next issue!

Overall: The fact that the ending to this issue created a lot of questions about Robbie’s character and Eli’s true purpose with very little answers and a lot of mystery about not knowing where the story will go next is a surprisingly welcomed sensation. The idea of not knowing and being faced with the unknown is sometimes unsettling but in this case it is fairly exciting. I am eager to see what else Smith, Moore, and Staples have in store for us and what other stories Robbie Reyes will be going through.

Grade 5 of 5

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