Red Lanterns Annual #1 Preview

REDLANN_Cv1_ds“Atrocities” cranks the action up to eleven! Guy Gardner fought hard to get Space Sector 2814 – including Earth – under Red Lantern protection. So of course Atrocitus has chosen Guy’s homeworld as the arena for their murderous final battle! Red Lanterns will die! Traitors will emerge (and maybe die)! Rivers will run red! It’s the first-ever RED LANTERNS ANNUAL, and it’s absolutely unmissable!

Written by: Charles Soule

Art by: Miguel A Sepulveda

Cover by: Miguel A Sepulveda

Price: $4.99

On Sale 7/30/14

REDLANN_1_1REDLANN_1_2-3REDLANN_1_4REDLANN_1_5Credit: Newsarama, DC  

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