Leaked “Deadpool” Movie Test Footage

The “Deadpool” movie test footage has finally been leaked. This footage was made in 2011 and has been privately used to pitch the movie, but recently this clip has been released to the public. This footage shows off the animation style for the movie, which looks fairly realistic for every character in the clip except Deadpool. Deadpool’s pupils appear white, and his facial expressions can be seen through the mask just like they would in the comics. Deadpool is voiced by Ryan Reynolds who played Wade Wilson once before in “X-men Origins Wolverine”. The clip shows Deadpool doing what he does best; breaking the fourth wall, making random pop-culture references, murdering people, and cracking jokes in the face of danger. 

Ryan Reynolds has been trying to get a “Deadpool” movie off the ground since 2009 with directors and writers shifting around. In 2011 Tim Miller was brought onto the project as its latest director and his vision is directly responsible for the test footage below. Tim Miller will most likely be the final director on the project if the movie actually gets made. If this footage circulates quickly enough and the fan response is big enough there’s a good chance this movie will get the green light.

Credit: CBR

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