Cosplay is Not Consent: Adrianne Curry fights off sexual harasser at SDCC

“America’s Next Top Model” original winner and cosplay enthusiast Adrianne Curry became a real-life vigilante when she fought off a convention-goer at San Diego Comic Con because he groped fitness model and friend Alicia Marie, shown below cosplaying as Tigra.



Originally shared via her Facebook page, Marie explains that when taking pictures at SDCC, a stranger groped her and then yanked her tail and pulled her pants down. As soon as it happened, Curry took off chasing after the guy (no identity has been released yet as of publication time) and in true Catwoman fashion, she “punched him across the face with the butt of her whip — he had zombie blood on his face – got on her costume.” Curry shares the story with an added note of how she screamed and pointed at him, “calling him a molester and a rapist for about a block…letting hundreds of people know to protect themselves.”

I’ve always been a huge fan of Adrianne Curry since I was a teenager and this story made me admire her hundred-fold. By having a strong presence in the cosplay community, Curry always emphasizes how cosplay does not equal consent. With more and more sexual harassment cases reported each year, it’s important to put this issue in the spotlight to prevent future cases like this. After all, cosplay is meant to showcase your love of your favorite characters and when that joy is taken away by some lewd comments and inappropriate touching, it’s downright unfair and demeaning to everyone involved. If San Diego Comic Con—the highest-attended convention in the United States—can’t put a stop to it, then we need to inform and educate the public on this matter.

Cosplay is Not Consent and Geeks for CONsent are two non-profit organizations with their main goal in spreading awareness by hosting panels, sharing stories, and bystander tips and advice so check it out.

[Sources: Adrianne Curry Facebook page and TooFab]


3 thoughts on “Cosplay is Not Consent: Adrianne Curry fights off sexual harasser at SDCC

    • We need more upfront people like her to stand up for what’s right and take charge indeed! As always, it’s best to inform and educate because sometimes people don’t know what they’re saying or doing is offensive. However, what that guy did was straight-up wrong so I’m glad he got what he deserved IMO.

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