[UPDATED] Marvel Shows off “Avengers 2: Age of Ultron” Props

At SDCC Marvel revealed three special props from the set of “Avengers 2: Age of Ultron”.marvelsdcc2014capcrackedshield

The first and most recognizable prop is Captain America’s shatter shield. There’s some visible tarnishing on the paint in streaked shapes. These are probably the result of repulsor-like blasts from the Ultrons. Originating in the center and propagating outward are three cracks in the shield that seem to have burning between the cracks indicating they may have been the result of an energy weapon. Captain America’s shield is made of Vibranium, a nearly indestructible material that could withstand a direct blow from Mjolnir and could reflect Iron Man’s repulsor blasts, whatever caused the crack in his shield would have to be incredibly powerful. ultron1

The second prop is a destroyed robot that looks like an Iron Man armor of some kind. The gold face plate looks very similar to Tony Stark’s signature face plate. The shoulder and hand also have the same red armoring that Tony’s main armors have had. The armoring is built on top of some inner machinery that consists of several joints and pistons what indicate that this robot had a high degree of articulation. In the chest of the robot there appear to be many wires connecting to a circular object in the chest that has since been removed, this was most likely where an arc reactor would have been placed. The robot has a white chest piece with the Avengers logo on it, this was probably something built by Tony Stark to assist the Avengers. Tony’s suits in the past were able to fly on “auto-pilot” without him in them but the machinery inside this armor implies that this was intentionally built to be autonomous. The battle damage in the face indicates that this done was destroyed with some sort of energy weapon and its arc reactor was probably ripped out of its chest.


The third object on display is a bulky Iron hand punching through a sheet of metal. The hand is quite clearly from an Iron Man armor and due to the bulkiness of the forearm this is most likely the infamous Hulk-Buster. The design is extremely robust favoring thick armor over articulation. At first glance the forearm piece looks fairly solid but it’s large enough that weapons can be hidden in the frame much like Tony’s other armors. The piece of metal that extends over the back of the hand could hold a missile, Tony has hidden missiles in this same exact spot in the past, but here the missile would probably be much larger. The bottom of the forearm also looks like it could store a weapon. The bottom piece is red with non-colored sides to it which might indicate that this piece can retract. It’s possible that the bottom forearm piece is extended to allow another weapon to fire and can retract to protect this weapon.

Credit: Cosmic Book News 


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