Undertow #6 Review

undertow06_coveraUndertow #6

Writer: Steve Orlando

Artist: Artyom Trakhanov/Yaroslav Astapeev (Epilogue)

Colorist: Artyom Trakhanov


After retrieving the blood of the Amphibian, Anshargal, Kingu, and Ukinnu return to the Deliverer to fend off against the host of assassin’s sent to end Anshargal’s life and bring the rest of his flock back into the fold of Atlantis’ corrupt grip…

The Ups: This issue was very action oriented and that is very welcomed as it allows for more time to appreciate the art and colors on each page. Artyom Trakhanov’s art has and always will be phenomenal and I’ve fallen in love with it every since I first laid eyes on it back in the first book. In this issue, however, Trakhanov has outdone himself and the underwater fight scenes that take place are done so well that you really feel like you are looking into a large fish bowl, but that doesn’t create any sort of unnecessary distractions. In fact, because a majority of the panels take place underwater there are a lot of places where Trakhanov has employed interesting and innovative panels and onomatopoeia. One such example is when one of the characters jumps in to attack two of the assassins and instead of splitting the attack up into many different panels, Trakhanov remembers that the motion the character is making would create bubbles in this underwater environment and he uses those bubbles to further along the action of the scene. In addition, Trakhanov’s use of color for the underwater scenes has always made me gaze into the pages with sheer awe. As opposed to the scenes on land, underwater, Trakhanov uses many different vibrant and almost psychedelic colors that make the pages vibrate and move similar to the way the water and waves move. Staying on the topic of art, in the last few pages of the book artist Yaroslav Astapeev takes over the illustrations and although his art in the panels is sometimes difficult to see with such dark colors in the background, his use of many different little lines gives his art a unique texture that’s refreshing to see. Lastly, writer Steve Orlando has done tremendous work throughout all six of these issues and in this latest one he has written it in a way that feels like the climax to a movie. The way he’s directed the story and characters has created two unique paths that this series could take. One being continuing on to issue seven and beyond and the other being ending the series right here at this issue which would not be a disappointment in any way.

The Downs: The only negative feelings I have towards this issue is the fact that this one could possibly be the last and I’m not ready to see this series go!

Overall: As I said above, this series could end right here with this issue and although myself and I’m sure many others would be disappointed, it would not be in bad taste at all. It would probably be a good spot for Orlando and Trakhanov to tell a different story set in the same time period and around the same characters. No matter what happens, this issue was a sight to behold and I strongly urge all of you out there, after reading this review, to go out and get your hands on this latest issues of Undertow”.

Grade 5 of 5

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