Quotes of the Week #2

Welcome to Quotes of the Week #2!


3978742-05ALL-NEW ULTIMATES #5

Writer: Michel Fiffe

Artist: Amilcar Pinna

Colorist: Nolan Woodard

“Oop! Speaking of fleeing, business calls. We’ll have to prove our innocence some other time.” – Spider-man

Now, I’ll be honest, it was very difficult finding a quote in this issue that really resonated with me because frankly, the writing direction in this book is pretty bad and they story is very difficult to follow. But this article isn’t a review, this is about the things that are said in some of our favorite books and I’ll share with you all why I chose the above quote. Although this series doesn’t have many positive things about it, I think the one thing that keeps people reading is the actual writing for some of the characters. I am a huge fan of Spider-man and I enjoy when he is written correctly with accurate banter. This line above, for me, is an example of how even though the story may fall short, the characters we all know and love will never change.

Amazing-Spider-Man-4-Cover-7b55cAMAZING SPIDER-MAN #4

Writer: Dan Slott

Artist: Humberto Ramos

Colorist: Edgar Delgado

“Morlun KNOWS! He’ll devour every last one of us! Gorge himself on all our brothers and sisters!” – Silk

Now this quote stuck out to me because of only one part, “brothers and sisters”. We all know Peter has no siblings (as he quickly points out after Silk says this) and he has no idea what Silk is talking about. But all of us who read that line, we know exactly what she means. I want to say kudos to Dan Slott and the rest of the team as they gear up for Spider-Verse. They are truly doing everything they can to make this upcoming event one for all comic book fans to enjoy and this little taste of what’s to come was exactly what I needed in my day.

undertow06_coveraUNDERTOW #6

Writer: Steve Orlando

Artist: Artyom Trakhanov

Colorist: Artyom Trakhanov

“Our people changed, and I didn’t. But really that’s why we’re here. The dawning of a new life. I can’t do it alone anymore. You will help me hunt down out enemies. You will help me build true foundations for our people. Because I’m finally ready for tomorrow.” – Redum Anshargal

After fending off the assassin’s from Atlantis that threatened to annihilate him and his people, Anshargal had these last few words of inspiration to give to his followers before I saw the back cover of this issue. For a majority of his life, all Anshargal has wanted is to find a safe bastion for his people, away from the prying eye of the corrupt Atlantean government. But after this last attack by them he realizes, there is no running away. If he keeps running, he and his people will never truly be free to live the way they want to. Now he must take the fight to the aggressors and just like any other final moment speech, these last few lines gave me goosebumps as my eyes passed over them.

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