ComicsRefueled’s Staff San Diego Comic-Con International Exclusive Merchandise Wishlist

San Diego Comic-Con International 2014 has begun and while our ComicsRefueled staff work hard to deliver the latest SDCC news this weekend, we’ve conjured up a wishlist of our staff member’s must-have SDCC merchandise available that you might want to pick up at the convention. Check it out!



  1. Bishoujo SpiderWoman Metallic Statue – $80.00 (Action Figure Xpress, Booth #3345): This is the big-ticket item on my wishlist, being the only one that is above a $30 price range. What makes this SDCC exclusive different from the standard figure is the metallic add-on and the spider web detail on the base. After comparing both, I prefer this metallic look as it helps tone down a bit the intensity of the yellow and red on this figure’s costume (Detailed pictures can be seen HERE). If I was at SDCC today, this would be my only purchase and I will just have to live off of dollar store snacks until payday.
    Steven Universe 001 SDCC
  2. Steven Universe #1 Variant cover – $10.00 (BOOM! Studios, Booth #2229): Based on the new Cartoon Network show created by Rebecca Sugar, Steven Universe now has the comic book treatment thanks to BOOM! Studios, who publish various comic book volumes of other CN favorites like Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Amazing World of Gumball. Watching the show with my husband and cosplaying one of the Crystal Gems, it’s an obvious must-have for me. Fun fact: all four of the titles mentioned have an exclusive SDCC variant cover, when combined, form a full illustration as shown in SDCC’s galllery blog post.
  3. Harley Quinn Invades Comic-Con International #1 – $10.00 (Graphitti Designs, Booth #2314): After buying recent Harley Quinn trade paperbacks, I’m both excited and sad for this SDCC exclusive. The obvious sadness lies in the fact that I won’t physically own this yet, but excited to see what lies in store of this variant issue as Harley Quinn trots around the convention halls causing mischief. This issue is written by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti and you have the option of a blank variant or the one illustrated above.
  4. DC Comics Bombshells High-Flyers Poster Bundle – $24.95 (Quantum Mechanix, Inc. Booth #3249): This is a huge steal for me as far as SDCC exclusive items go. 3 posters for $24.95? Vintage pin-up style artwork? Featuring an iconic Wonder Woman and the devious BFF duo of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy? Yes, please. This is where I insert Fry’s “Shut up and take my money” meme picture, because the preview photo isn’t cutting it for me. I need these framed in my house ASAP.


RS-Fluxx-3d-web_0      1. Regular Show Fluxx – $20.00 (Awesome Conventions Exclusives, Booth #620): I love Regular Show and tabletop games/ card games. Admittedly I’ve never played Fluxx, but I’ve heard great things about this game and what better way to get into it than with Regular Show themed cards.

cci2014_batman_tshirt      2. Comic-Con International 2014 Official Batman T-shirt – Adult S-XL $21.55 Adult XXL $24.79 Adult XXXL $28.03 Women’s S-XL $21.55 Youth S-L $18.31 All prices include sales tax (Throughout Comic-Con International: San Diego): This shirt features exclusive Jim Lee art made specifically for the con. Aside from being a great collectors piece it looks fantastic, as Jim Lee’s Batman always does, and who can resist a great looking T-shirt?

image (2)

     3. Stan Lee SDCC Exclusive Funko Pop Vinyl – $25.00 (Crazy Cat Collectibles, Booth #429): As another con-exclusive piece of merchandise this won’t be around forever so pick this one up while you can. Funk statues are always so adorable and capture the perfect likeness of the characters they reflect and Stan Lee is certainly is a character I’d want on display on my desk.

SECONDSprintB2-page-001      4. Bryan Lee O’Malley SECONDS Ltd. Ed. Exclusive Print – $25.00 (Felix Comic Art, Booth #701): Bryan Lee O’Malley, best known for “Scott Pilgrim”, is one of my favorite writer/artists and his new book “Seconds” is being printed in limited edition, only at this booth. For the sheer rarity of it and the fact that I can’t get enough of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s work I need this.

rocket CC_2014      5. Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy 10″ Rocket Raccoon 10″ Plush – $19.99 (UCC Distributing Inc. Booth #700): Rocket Racoon is one of the best comic book characters to be made into a plushy, since he’s all fluffy and whatnot. His look emulates the costume he’ll wear in the movie, and what better way to get ready for/commemorate the Guardians of the Galaxy movie than with a plushy of one of its main characters.


BTAO_bg01 (2)      1. Batman: Arkham Origins Play Arts Kai Batman Limited Color Version – $99.99 (Square Enix, INC, Booth #3829): Boy, have I always been in love with the Play Arts Kai series from Square Enix. Every year I always see a new series or a game or anime they cover and I have to say this Batman figure is one I would grab. The amount of detail constantly put into this series amazes me time and time again. Granted its a bit on the pricey side but for any figure collector and Batman fan this is a most get.


Ross-Spider-Man-Print_SDCC      2. Amazing Spider-Man Limited Print by Alex Ross – $20.00  (Alex Ross Art, Booth #2419): Who doesn’t love the art of Alex Ross and everyone loves Spider-Man so this right here is the perfect combination. Here is an 11′ x 17′ print hand-signed by the man himself of one of the many variant covers for the new Amazing Spider-Man #1. Besides being a great piece of comic history, it also shows a classic feel that made everything about Spider-Man great and at $20.00 it’s one hell of a deal.


MMHelmet-Blue-LightUp      3. Mega Man Helmet Replica – $80.00 (Capcom, Booth #215): I am a big comic fan but I’m an even greater video game fan, and nothing reminds me of video games than the Blue Bomber, Mega Man. This replica has USB-powered light LED and made out of Chrome Resin and stands at 10” tall and 5′ wide. This for me is a beautiful ode to the good days of old with Mega Man.


BM_Cv32_SDCC_Var.2      4. Batman #32 CCI Variant Comic – $12.00 (Graphitti Designs, Booth #2314): This series is what brought me back into comics and Greg Capullo’s art is something that inspires me to draw every time I see his work. Batman #32 is the peniultimate issue of Zero Year and it was definitely an issue worth reading. This variant cover featuring the work of Capullo, Danny Miki and FCO Plascencia should be one to look at for if you want to add this comic to any Batman collection.


SDCC2014_UDON_AOCCE      5. UDON’s Art of Capcom: Complete Edition – Comic-Con Exclusive Version – $100.00 (UDON Entertainment, Booth #4529): Another item that screams to my love of gaming and even more so, my love for fighting games. For years UDON has done amazing work with their line of comics for street fighter which has lead them into working on almost all the popular titles in Capcom’s heyday. This 600-page hardcover book covers 10 years of UDON’s work and even includes 75 pages of new unreleased material. As an lover of fighting games and of Capcom’s past as well as an huge fan of art, this is one book I’d drop some good money for.


DHC_SDCC2014_GOT_Viserion DHC_SDCC2014_GOT_Rhaegal DHC_SDCC2014_GOT_Drogon      1. Game of Thrones: Dragon – Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion Replicas – $35.00 each/$90.00 for all three dragon replicas (Dark Horse Comics, Booth #2615): I am a huge fan of Game of Thrones and an even bigger fan of Daenarys Targaryen and her three dragons Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion. The series and the lore of Game of Thrones constantly speaks about how powerful one dragon can be and it only makes me more excited to think about the damage three dragons can cause. I would love to have these replicas of such powerful creatures decorating my room for all time.

GG465200lg      2. Entertainment Earth Exclusive Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Prop Replica Set in Wooden Box with Gold Targaryen Sigil and Gold Satin Lining – Convention Exclusive – $125.00 (Entertainment Earth, Booth #2343): Continuing my trend of swooning over Game of Thrones merchandise and, again, dragons, I would have to get my hands on these dragon egg replicas. Based on the picture I’m sure the authenticity of them is something to behold. The box itself is also a prize and I would probably never take them out of the box if I owned them for myself.

art kit      3. Art Kit – $49.99 (Art Instruction Schools, Booth #5567): As both an art student and a lover of any and all types of illustration as well as an aspiring comic book creator I would be blessed to have this massive kit next to me when my ideas start flowing. The kit seems to come with everything I would ever need and to see this sitting in my room would definitely be some real incentive for me to get up and draw. After all, I wouldn’t want it to go to waste.

Stan-Lee-MAX      4. J Scott Campbell SDCC Exclusive Comic Book Color Version – $15.00 (Crazy Cat Collectibles, Booth #429): Anytime the infamous Stan Lee makes a cameo appearance in any of the movies or television shows based on the characters he’s created, I am one of the first, if not the first, person to point it out. It always makes me happy to see him immortalized in the world of his creations because it is my dream to have that same type of experience for myself and my own ideas.

We hope you enjoyed our wishlist and maybe it has given you an idea of what you might want to get from this years event. Make sure to stay tuned for now from us during this years San Diego Comic-Con International!

Source: Comic-Con International: San Diego Website

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