Kevin Feige of Marvel Studios Spreads Word of Red Skull’s Return and Real Mandarin!

Kevin Feige has had a lot to say recently about two of Marvel’s most renowned villains and their re-entry into the Marvel cinematic universe.

Captain America: The First AvengerOn the topic of Red Skull, Feige stated that the supposed “death” of the character at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger was always meant to seem like a cliffhanger and leave us all pondering whether or not he was really dead. Despite having deliberately orchestrated for the character to have a very ambiguous death, Feige says he is unsure when or where the character will show up again.

Iron-Man-3-The-MandarinWhen it comes to the Mandarin, everyone was obviously disappointed by the turn out in Iron Man 3 when the mandarin was depicted as an actor, played by Ben Kingsley, playing the role of the Mandarin terrorist. Even though he was just an actor playing a role, Feige says, the role was still based on rumors and gossip that has spread throughout the criminal society. In fact, after Happy is injured in the movie and Tony begins some detective work on the Mandarin he comes across various clues and mythological rumors that insinuate the idea that someone like this really does exist. There is more evidence of an actual Mandarin existing in the world in the Marvel one-shot “All Hail The King” where an agent of the Mandarin comes to kidnap Trevor Slattery, Ben Kingsley’s character, from prison.

Source: Newsrama

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