A First Look at Roy Harper as Arsenal

arrow_602x800Colton Hayne’s character Roy Harper will become Arsenal in season 3 of Arrow. Last Season Roy was injected with Mirakuru and Oliver trained him to control his anger and use his abilities to fight back against Jason Blood and Slade. Roy was seemingly cured of the Mirakuru and was given a red mask and fought alongside team arrow in their final battle.

In season 3 Roy will no longer fight in his favorite red hoodie in favor of the costume seen above. The costume is presumably made of the same leather that Oliver’s is. Roy can be seen using a fairly standard re-curve bow and the straps on his shoulders indicate he’ll use a quiver similar to Oliver’s, whether or not he’ll have access to Oliver’s array of trick arrows is unknown. On his left thigh are several flechettes similar to the kind Oliver gave to Roy so he could signal meetings in the back alley behind Verdant. While we don’t see any actual arrows in the photo above the red flechettes indicate that Roy’s arrows are probably also red. On either of Roy’s boots there appear to be metallic cylinders the length of his calves that may be eskrima sticks or the handles to some other form of melee weapon, if he’s going to go by the name Arsenal next season it’d make sense that he carries multiple weapons.

Roy Harper will get his new suit in the first episode of the season. Season 3 premiers October 8th on the CW.     

Credit: Entertainment Weekly

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