Savage Hulk #2 Review

detailSavage Hulk #2

Writer: Alan Davis

Artist: Alan Davis

Colorist: Matt Hollingsworth


Doctor Bruce Banner is plagued by the monster inside of him know as the Hulk, brought upon by being exposed to too much gamma radiation while testing a new weapon. Now on the run from the military, Banner managed to save the life of Professor Xavier, leader of the X-Men, and in return, Xavier has promised to help Bruce any way he can…

The Ups: The story of the Hulk in this series so far has taken us all back to the early days of Bruce Banner living with this freak accident that has turned his life into a living hell. Alan Davis writes a story that is truly one of sadness and desperation with both Hulk and Banner only wanting to be alone and figure out what to do next. Banner fears the Hulk and fears what it is capable of as his already timid nature only adds more negative emotions to that. That sense of anxiety and fear of oneself is what Davis manages to capture through Banner’s dialogue when speaking about himself to others. In addition to being the writer, Alan Davis also does the pencil work and through working in tandem with colorist Matt Hollingsworth, they are able to make the comic look and feel older. The appearance of the art with the color is reminiscent of the work done by Jack Kirby, with the original Hulk series, and helps to amplify the idea of being in the past.

The Downs: With such a saddened and depressed undertone, I would expect the series to be more about Banner on his own, trying to deal with the Hulk while staying under the military’s radar and figuring out how to fix himself. There are small hints of that in this book and the last but not enough to truly gear the story in a way that it seems like it needs to go.

Overall: The series is only two issues in and based on the end of this issue is taking a very interesting turn that may prove fruitful. Though the story isn’t emphasizing its darker undertone yet that does not mean it never will. I have enjoyed this issue just as much as the first and I’m confident that Alan Davis and Matt Hollingsworth know what they are doing with it.

Grade 4 of 5

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