Marvel Releasing AVENGERS NOW! Featuring All New Line Up



To keep rolling with the surprises, Entertainment Weekly has released an image featuring a new title called Avengers NOW!. This title will begin the start a new phase of their Marvel NOW! initiative and features a drastic change to the team especially with Marvel’s “big three” as the new female Thor, Sam Wilson as Captain America and Tony Stark in a new Iron Man suit.

Rounding out the rest of the new Avengers team is Deathlok and The Winter Soldier, who are both receiving their own new ongoing series, Medusa and Inferno from Inhuman, Thor and Loki’s newly revealed half sister Angela (who we can now rule out as the new Thor), Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange and Ant-Man, who are all being featured upcoming in major motion pictures.

Little is known at the moment as to who is the creative team behind the new series and what direction the story will go in. Marvel will be releasing more information on this and all the other new series during Comic Con International: San Diego.

Source: Entertainment Weekly, Newsarama


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